Alessandro Francini

He is the resident tdj of the Milonga Blu (Florence, Italy). He usually defines himself as a "Di Sarli and D'Arienzo lover"; he appreciates every kind of music. For this reason, he prefers playing his music through CDs, since they allow him reproducing an embracing sounds, able to perfectly fit the original recordings. His selections are classics (without imposing "novelty" pieces), and his set list is perfect for a dancing tango night. The dancefloor plays a fundamental role for him, and, like a good tailor does, he tries to adapt his selection to different events.
His cortinas, which he proposes at the end of each tanda, are made to accompany dancers at their place with glee and happiness, but always respecting the taste of everyone. He works mainly in Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Valle d'Aosta. 

"Tango just blew my mind. I began my path with Carina Calderon and Marco del Forno, and I immediately had a spark for this kind of dance. During the course of time I became aware that the interpretation of Tango could not be separated from a deep study of its music. The satisfaction of people and the big attendance of my events, apart from paying back my work, make me understand of the right direction of my path. I like setting the milonga night in a very classic, yet fun tango style. I want to leave space to the major bands, arranging and mixing pieces in order to preserve the uniqueness of each author, date and rhythm."

Fabrizio Frappi
Punto y Branca

He lives in Milan, and, along with the dear departed Felix Picherna is the most famous argentinian musicalizador in Italy. His selections include classic and contemporary bands and, during his events, a touch of modern tango is never missing. He is a legacy (his parents were tango dancers), and in Argentina he used to work for an important comics magazine. In the early 90s he worked in Italy with Hugo Pratt for the magazine "Corto Maltese". He often plays in italian and european milongas: Munich, Barcelona, London, Granada, Madrid, Lugano.

Resident Dj in Aosta (milonga Artetango) and in Turin (Aires Nuevos), he lives immersed in music (his two sons are extremely talented musicians). He discovered tango through the music of Piazzolla, and starts studiyng history and tradition of tango, and in particular its orchestras, singers, styles and periods. According to him, music in unique and must touch "el corazòn". His musical selection is oriented towards the respect of tango, of its musicians and its authors, even when he proposes modern pieces, always following a methodic and perfect executive technique. He works in Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Tuscany, but also in France and Switzerland, developing an intense and diversified experience.

Walter Abrigo
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